Blog: DDL

Supported by the John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship we traveling across the entire country, coast to coast, in search of inspiration and adventure in North America’s western deserts. see how the time on the road and collaborations continue to unfold.

Glad to welcome Hannah Vaughan to the project!

"I’m a designer, furniture maker, welder, and chainsaw enthusiast.  I make wood and metal furniture that plays with ideas of architecture, decay, modernism and consumerism. Bright shiny and rusted, angular and rough hewn. I studied fine art and religion at Oberlin College, and have taken courses at Penland school of Craft. Currently, I live and work in Chicago IL where I’m a fine furniture maker, metal specialist and all around badass at a furniture company called Lagomorph Design.  I met Vivian when we were both stuck on the top of a mountain in North Carolina for two months, since then, it has been hard to separate us. 

   Born and raised in the desert of southern California I have an undying love for the desolate environment of sand, rock and cacti and the unique talents of boulder hopping, making a camp fire, navigating the 405 freeway and identifying the dangerous ‘jumping choya’ cactus. I’m also an excellent dancer, which I’m pretty sure is what qualified me as assistant for the Desert Design Lab”


Vivian Beer and Hannah Vaughan at Studio Works, Summer 2013