Blog: DDL

Supported by the John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship we traveling across the entire country, coast to coast, in search of inspiration and adventure in North America’s western deserts. see how the time on the road and collaborations continue to unfold.

Rubbings in Moab.

We made this on a land bridge in response to the dynamic erosion in this endless landscape of rocks. I was just at a lecture on the Mars Rover at NASM this week and so much of the landscape was reminiscent of Death Valley and Moab. What struck me is that they/we are naming each land formation we find. Its a funny need/impulse that we have to name everything. It makes it feel safer and easier to think about. This was Gemini bridges, and yes, there were two of them. I’m planning to use this rubbing to create a surface pattern in the future to use in my work.