Blog: DDL

Supported by the John D. Mineck Furniture Fellowship we traveling across the entire country, coast to coast, in search of inspiration and adventure in North America’s western deserts. see how the time on the road and collaborations continue to unfold.

The Zephyr credenza was designed on the road in the DDL lab. It is the newest of the pieces in my Streamline series and the first case piece I’ve ever made.

The sweet custom refurbished Airstream pictured here had been one of our host’s home for many years, dry camping in the desert, until Beatty became his permanent residence. The ways in which it was originally, and re-designed by him, made me think about how the objects in our lives respond to our needs - instantly, effortlessly, specifically - and all while being smooth, sleek and fast.

With that in mind, the door on this piece is actuated with a servo motor, so all you need to do is touch it for it to open with smooth even movement.

It’s no Land Yacht (the original branding on this RV) but hopefully speaks to the way our lives and the objects within them (can/should/will) interact.